7 secret aliens that are insanely hard to find

We are not alone

Discovering a hidden Easter egg or buried secret is one of the coolest gaming experiences you can have. It”s a blast–you might even say out of this world. Sometimes it”s a real trek, but the reward is usually cool enough to make you want to phone home. Now if I may explain all the alien puns: There are some really otherworldly secrets in some of your favorite games, by which I mean aliens.

Now I have to point out that this list is strictly about aliens, not UFOs or mysterious signals. For games to make they cut, they have to let you actually come face to face with the extraterrestrial–a “close encounter of the third kind,” if you will. And sometimes tracking down a gray visitor requires a bit of exploring; it”s not always easy to locate our star-cruising friends, but they”re out there. For instance