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25 Greatest Film Noirs

DOA (1950) The Noir There’s a lot of debate about what makes a proper film noir (for the record, this list excludes any of the ‘neo-noirs’ like Blood Simple, Chinatown, Blade Runner and Se7en that would otherwise have made the cut), but there’s no question about Rudolph Maté’s classic. “I want to report a murder…”

Love it or hate it? Why were 2014s games so divisive?

2014 has been a strange year for video games. Metacritic’s raw numbers, which were highlighted recently, would have you believe it was a thoroughly disappointing year. A paltry nine games achieved an average 90%+ review score, and only three of these were original games (as in, not HD re-releases). If we’re going by averages here,

RadioRadar podcast 120: …And A Happy New Year

The podcast crew comes together to record one final episode in 2014, talking about painful gaming moments, Final Fantasy trailers, and our own wishes to Santa. Check it out! Hosts: Henry Gilbert, Lorenzo Veloria, Ashley Reed, Anthony Snyder Question of the week: If Santa could grant you one video game wish, what would it be?

The Crew review

I”ve just got back from a two-week road trip around America, and boy, have I done a lot of driving. I”ve seen Niagara Falls, driven across the Golden Gate Bridge and sped through Time Square. I”ve dodged bears in Sasquatch country and I”ve chased after foxes in the snow. And you know what? I had

The Flash S1.07 Power Outage Review

Last week we pointed how that episode was so chock full of terrible puns there might not be any left for future episodes. Well, there’s only one cringeworthy pun in the actual script this week (“Sorry guys,” says Barry after being held up, “I got a little held up”) but – and it’s a big