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The Grandmaster review

IN THE MOOD FOR A FIGHT In one corner stands US movie distribution heavyweight Harvey Weinstein, all brute force and deadly chopping power. In the other waits Hong Kong’s melancholy magician Wong Kar-wai, In The Mood For Love’s auteur, all watchful elegance and insinuating grace… Weinstein’s reputation for cutting art films pre-release (see also Bong

65 things that look like Pac-Man

Wakka wakka Pac-Man wasn”t always the smiling, winking, fully limbed fellow you see above. In his 80s golden years, Pac was nothing more than three quarters of a circle and one black eye–easily replicated in seconds on any computer paint program. But because of that simple design, Pac-Man can be spotted everywhere. Whether there”s a

Natalie Portman in line to join Steve Jobs biopic

It’s been an eventful few weeks for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic, which had been dropped by Sony Pictures before being swiftly acquired by Universal earlier this week. The latest development is that Deadline is reporting Natalie Portman is in talks to join the production, with the star possibly in line to play Lisa Brennan-Jobs,

Elite: Dangerous goes back on offline mode promises

If you”re much of a (virtual) space jockey, you”ve probably been watching the development of Elite: Dangerous with great interest. The crowdfunded space sim from the creator of the seminal Elite promises to take players back to space with a vast simulation of galactic trade, politics, and eye-searing ship-to-ship combat. Now that the game is

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire review

The Pokemon formula is a classic: collect monsters, shove them in your pockets, fight everyone you make eye contact with. There’s always the same number of Gym badges to collect (eight FYI, though you probably knew that already) and there’s always an evil organisation or two to topple in the process. Admittedly, toppling evil organisations