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Gaming”s most dangerous snowmen

The cold embrace of death Snowmen are one of the more innocuous forms of winter myth. These bland piles of frozen water are known for blank expressions and being a uniform three spheres of compacted ice, but Ive always feared there was something sinister hidden within their frozen facades. As Ive told many a therapist,

12 Years A Slave review

Steve McQueen’s direction can feel like having your hand held up to a flame. Your reflex is to recoil, but McQueen’s unflinching camera holds you in place, forcing you to experience the physical disintegration of Hunger ’s Bobby Sands or the self-flagellating excesses of Shame ’s sex addict, Brandon. 12 Years A Slave , the

Kiss The Water review

A film about the minutiae of fishing flies sounds like ‘niche interest’ defined, but Eric Steel’s documentary is too lovely to ghettoise. After The Bridge , his film about suicide, Steel turns a gentler eye to Megan Boyd, an outsider who devoted a rugged life in the Scottish Highlands to fly-tying. Good enough to gain

The week in gaming news – Jan. 3

This is the news With guts swollen from overeating and eyes square from the insane daily gaming sessions over the Christmas break, we return to the grind to cover all things games. Hackers, broken servers, and promising developments for Xbox One launched our news hounds into the action in an otherwise quiet opening week. Heres