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The Hayao Miyazaki Boxset review

CLOUD PLEASERS He’s said it before, as he readily admits, but this time looks like it’s finally true: at age 73 Hayao Miyazaki, rated by many as the world’s greatest living animator, is stepping down. So this Blu-ray collection of all 11 of his feature films comes as a bittersweet tribute to the man who

Christopher Nolan to direct Ready Player One?

Warner Bros. may have provided Christopher Nolan with his next film, with Tracking Board reporting that the studio has offered him the chance to direct sci-fi project Ready Player One. Based on the novel by Ernest Cline, the film will be set in 2044, where a teenage boy is steadily becoming obsessed with a virtual-reality

Marvel confirms Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

It’s official… Benedict Cumberbatch will definitely be playing Doctor Strange, according to a press release issued by Marvel this morning. We already knew that Cumberbatch was attached to the project after the star himself sort-of-confirmed it back at Comic-Con, but everything has now been made official, with Kevin Feige waxing lyrical about the star’s credentials

Super Smash Bros. creator may be done with series

If you”re a fan of Super Smash Bros., you probably know who Masahiro Sakurai is. He”s overseen the cross-franchise brawling series ever since it began on Nintendo 64, but according to a recent interview with Game Informer (via CVG), the most recent pair of titles may be his last. “I can”t positively declare there won”t

Idina Menzel says Frozen 2 is in the works

Fans of singing snowmen, prepare to get excited, as Idina Menzel has told The Telegraph that Frozen 2 is “in the works” over at Disney. “They’re all in the works,” said Menzel, when asked about rumoured plans for a stage musical and movie sequel, before going on to answer whether she will be involved in

Adapting The Stand – how to get it right

Hail to the King! Its one of those intimidating page counts that seems nigh-on unfilmable, but with Stephen Kings epic The Stand, the long-gestating film adaptation seems to finally be really, truly underway. Although a screen version does exist in the form of Mick Garris 1994 TV mini-series, The Fault In Our Stars director Josh