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Karl Urban moots possibility of Dredd prequel

Karl Urban has been discussing the possibility of a follow-up to Dredd , and has revealed that any such film would most likely be a prequel. The first film may have been a commercial flop, but there are a hardcore of fans who genuinely revere it, and sure enough, Urban was asked about a possible

Guardians Of The Galaxy: a history of the comics

Way back in early 1969, a minor superhero team turned up for an issue of Marvel Super-Heroes. In the summer of 2014, after disappearing and regrouping on and off for over 40 years, they suddenly became the biggest news in pop culture. By far Marvel”s most ridiculous and spectacular nobodies-become-somebodies story has been enjoyed by

Where have all the arcade racers gone?

I want to “Get Ready”. I want an announcer shouting “Time Bonus”. I want drifts and crashes, dents and sparks. I want speed, adrenaline and desperate engine notes. And replays. So there’s definitely something wrong when the only car game I can play on my lovely new PlayStation 4 is Need For Speed: Rivals. Sure,

Diving into Fantasia: Music Evolveds newly revealed multiplayer

Musics Evolved Since it was first announced last year, Harmonixs upcoming effervescent, luminescent, Kinect-driven dancing/conducting/sorcering simulator remained a bit of an enigma. Defying comparison, its tough to convey exactly what kind of game Fantasia is. We recently had the chance to see and play Fantasia: Music Evolved and gained a clearer picture of what we

Birdman review

KEATON DANCES WITH THE DEVIL BY THE PALE FOOTLIGHTS As openings go, Birdman’s is a corker. Sitting cross-legged in his backstage dressing room at the St. James Theater, Broadway, Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) is meditating. He also happens to be hovering three feet off the floor. It’s an image that might not surprise viewers in

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb review

A PHAROAH TO REMEMBER… After two middling installments, the third Night At The Museum is finally one to remember – though not perhaps for the reasons Ben Stiller and director Shawn Levy might have hoped for when they began shooting their London-based trilogy-closer last February. Since then, of course, we’ve bid farewell to both Mickey

Fantastic sequels to forgettable games

From crap to GOTY Tell me if this sounds familiar: you”ve just picked up a brand new console on launch day, you”ve read all the reviews, and despite all of your better instincts, you went ahead and grabbed Perfect Dark Zero anyway. Or how about this: it”s the dead of summer, it”s too hot to