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Third Person review

As we know from Crash , writer-director Paul Haggis loves to construct cross-connected stories. Third Person intertwines strands set in New York, Paris and Rome. Missing or dead children figure in each, as do issues of trust, and a talented cast – Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, Adrien Brody, Mila Kunis et al – make what

17 Pokemon spin-offs weirder than Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament is just the beginning Did you hear the news about Pokken Tournament? If not, get ready to have your mind blown by the concept of a Tekken game that replaces the cast with the toughest Pokemon imaginable. The game, currently only announced for Japanese arcades in 2015, is being developed by Bandai Namco,

Transistor Combat Guide

Supergiant Games have upped the ante with their second release in the wake of Bastion. Transistor is a revenge-meets-love-story-meets-Tron mash-up with a crisp art style that bleeds into soft watercolours accompanied by a vast medley of ambient tracks that Red can hum along to at the push of a button. You can read more about

Danny Boyle in discussions to direct Steve Jobs biopic

Sony looks to have found a replacement for David Fincher to direct its forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic, with Danny Boyle reportedly in talks to join the project. Fincher had long been attached to the film, although he recently dropped out of proceedings, reportedly over a pay dispute. According to THR , Boyle is now in

Roberto Orci reveals Star Trek 3 will not use his script

Roberto Orci has confirmed that as well as stepping down from the director’s chair on Star Trek 3, his script is no longer being used on the forthcoming threequel. Having vacated the position of director on account of creative differences, it makes sense that Orci’s script would also be surplus to requirements, and the man

50 Riskiest Casting Decisions

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) The Actor: Ralph Fiennes as M. Gustave The Risk: Wes Anderson”s usual leading men have form in comedy, so when he cast the ultra-intense Fiennes alarm bells rang about the actor”s suitability for comedy. Hasn”t Wes seen Maid In Manhattan ? Did It Pay Off? Fiennes is a revelation channelling

Sylvester Stallone is making Rambo 5

Sylvester Stallone has been discussing a number of forthcoming projects on his slate, and has revealed that he will be making a fifth Rambo film. Stallone confirmed via Twitter that his next project would be Rocky spin-off, Creed, which will follow the grandson of Apollo Creed, an aspiring boxer being mentored by none other than

Chris Pine says there will not be a Jack Ryan sequel

Chris Pine has confirmed that there will be no sequel to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and has expressed some regrets regarding how the first film eventually turned out. The film only managed a $50 million domestic haul, failing even to recoup its $60 million budget, and it seems as though Paramount is unwilling to gamble