Month: July 2018

Top 7… Most villainous dandies

Dapper chaps you love to hate What”s a “dandy,” you may ask? Why, it”s nothing more than a gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life: eloquent language, snazzy clothing, and a certain degree of vanity. Dandies strive to maintain a prim-and-proper demeanor, entertaining others with their witty speech, charming mannerisms, and debonair attire. You

How much do you know about the video games of 2014?

What a year, ey? First contact with aliens, world peace, a cure for the common cold! Talk about a turbulent 12 months! Oh, right… reality. Well, there”s certainly been plenty to remember on the video gaming front. We”ve seen Sony and Microsoft both beginning to find their feet on the eighth gen of consoles, Ubisoft

Sylvester Stallone is making Rambo 5

Sylvester Stallone has been discussing a number of forthcoming projects on his slate, and has revealed that he will be making a fifth Rambo film. Stallone confirmed via Twitter that his next project would be Rocky spin-off, Creed, which will follow the grandson of Apollo Creed, an aspiring boxer being mentored by none other than

Birdman review

KEATON DANCES WITH THE DEVIL BY THE PALE FOOTLIGHTS As openings go, Birdman’s is a corker. Sitting cross-legged in his backstage dressing room at the St. James Theater, Broadway, Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) is meditating. He also happens to be hovering three feet off the floor. It’s an image that might not surprise viewers in

The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death review

YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER Despite being 12A, James Watkins’ smash-hit Hammer horror The Woman In Black turned the fear factor up to 11, becoming the BBFC’s most complained-about film of 2012. Based on Susan Hill’s 1983 novella, and a successful stage adap, it was canny “boo!” cinema that didn’t linger long. This

Our fondest gaming memories of Christmas

Ghosts of Christmas past Ah Christmas. A time of heavy drinking, good will to all men, booze, generosity, excessive alcohol consumption, carol singing, and the odd beer or two. Oh yeah, and reflection. Thats an important one. See, its at this time of year we look back at our lives, and remember fond memories and

Chris Pine says there will not be a Jack Ryan sequel

Chris Pine has confirmed that there will be no sequel to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and has expressed some regrets regarding how the first film eventually turned out. The film only managed a $50 million domestic haul, failing even to recoup its $60 million budget, and it seems as though Paramount is unwilling to gamble

Plot details emerge for Marvels Daredevil TV show

Marvel’s Jeph Loeb, the man responsible for overseeing the studio’s TV content, has been discussing what we can expect from Daredevil, revealing a few key plot details along the way… “Within the Marvel universe there are thousands of heroes of all shapes and sizes,” explains Loeb to EW, “but The Avengers are here to save