Month: September 2018

10 ways playing video games make you a better person

Become a better you It doesn”t matter who you are–everyone has room for some kind of improvement. And while video games have a reputation for bringing out the worst in people, I say that”s total nonsense. We”ve written articles before about how science proves that games are good your your brain, but there”s more to

50 Riskiest Casting Decisions

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) The Actor: Ralph Fiennes as M. Gustave The Risk: Wes Anderson”s usual leading men have form in comedy, so when he cast the ultra-intense Fiennes alarm bells rang about the actor”s suitability for comedy. Hasn”t Wes seen Maid In Manhattan ? Did It Pay Off? Fiennes is a revelation channelling

Why Nintendo”s REAL problem might be an internal rift

Nintendo’s E3 2014 Digital Event had several excellent qualities. Coherence, alas, was not one of them. The show started as strongly as any big Nintendo event has in years, with a Robot Chicken-animated Reggie Fils-Aime smartly addressing the internet’s anti-Nintendo cynicism with self-aware wit and fireballs. From that point on, we got an unbroken cavalcade